Tile Roof Hooks For PV Mounting Structure

Various types of tile hook for different demands

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    Aluminum 6005-T5 & Stainless SUS 304


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Tile Roof Hooks For PV Mounting Structure


*  Roof hooks,Stainless steel 304 material to ensure high performance

*  Solar mounting pantile hook,Fixed or adjustable types are available


Q1:What is your main products ?

 A:   Solar mounting structures for rooftop,ground, carport,solar farm. Also ground screw, fence,hook,etc.

 Q2:Which markets do you mainly sell?

 A:    We mainly sell to Asia,Middle East,Latin America,Africa,Europe, etc.

 Q3: How do you guarantee your quality?

 A:     We have control for each process: design→Raw material→production→pre-assembled check→take pictures for each item →packing check. Also, we will issue warranty certificate to you

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L-feet shaped  adjustable bracket
Metal roof adjustable pv mounting bracket
L-feet shaped brackets, used in our systems, are fast and easy to install, reliably attaching the racking to the roof surface with corrosion resistant stainless steel hanger bolts
roof mounting with tilted angle
Trapezoidal metal roof mounting With tilted Angle
Suitable for most of the trapezoid metal roof(T-shape),achieve better power generation with customed tripod, the EPDM help to prevent water leaking, high corrosion resistance material and easy to install
Pantile roof hook
Pitched tile roof mounting solar pantile roof hook
Pantile hook(roof hook) is suitable for pitched tile roof mounting system.
Ballasted solar system
Flat Concrete Roof Triangle Mounting Ballast
Ballasted solar mount for flat roof,variable ballast weight allows for local wind load requirement,Highly pre-assembled in factory,easy to install.
Solar grounding lug
Grounding lug for PV Mounting
High quality earthing lug for Rail. Cheap Aluminum grounding lug
Adjustable Roof clamp
Adjustable Solar Clamp For Roof Mounting
Adjustable Solar Clamp for Roof Mounting has Quick, Easy, Cost-effective.
Solar mounting for slope terrain area ​
Aluminum solar mounting for tilt ground
SLOPE GROUND SOLAR MOUNTING SYSTEM is suitable for slope terrain area
Mini rail mounting
Mini rail trapezoidal roof mounting
Solar panels are mounted directly on the mini rail to trapezoidal metal sheet
Ground screw mounting system
Aluminum ground mounting With Ground Screw Base
Ground Mounting foundation with ground screw is widely applied on flat open field ground.it is very popular in japan.Wide range of brackets design for onside conditions,highly pre-assembled in factory, which save  constructions time and labor cost. Components are full sides anodized even for small parts, highly anti-corrosion.
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Leave A Message
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!