How much do you know about solar waterproof PV carport?

Mar 10, 2022

What is a solar carport? How much do you know about solar waterproof PV carport?

More and more solar carports are being used in parking lots like supermarkets malls, shopping centers,  industrial parks,business districts, hospitals,schools and vehicle charging stations.

Xiamen Photons Solar‘s PV carport is the simplest application of Building Integrated Photovoltaic(BIPV).  The fullly waterproof aluminum structure can protect the cars for parking lot shade,power energy generation to effectively use of the space,  the solar carport system could be customized for different conditions,The material of carport is aluminum AL6005-T5, great anti-corrosion effect,easy to install.

What are the advantages?

*  It can be used both for commercial or residential project,help release the electricity pressure of city

*  Served as car parking lot also power generation,can not only save the energy but also bring profits.

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